Project High>>>Ways  entered in Limca Book of  Records - 2007 (India) as  first Mother Daughter Duo to  link adventure drive with  Cancer Awareness
 Programme across the  country.
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I undertook Project High>>>Ways 2006 as a…

Challenge… to solo drive to the four tips of India and cross the highest motorable roads in the world

Celebration…to celebrate my 5 years into survivorship post cancer(I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in later part of 2000.

Motivation…to set an example for other fellow


humanbeings,specially those touched by the BIG C,to explore their inner strengths and drive on their own High>>>Ways….

Mission… to utilize my adventure spirits to reachout and conduct awareness with special emphasis on breast,cervix and oral cancers..amongst people inhabiting the various geographical areas of our vast country.

However, this was not just a one off effort. The successful solo drive of 30,220km in 177 days and an attendance of over 26,000 in the 140 camps conducted across the country and the feedbacks and response received has encouraged me to undertake more such highways,with an effort to reachout to more and more people . There is so much more to be done and so much area to be covered

High>>>Ways 2007 -2008 Cancer awareness camps in



Manipur -

HIGH>>>WAYS beyond cancer 07

High>>>ways and the Red shield division of the Indian army transcends to fight an enemy called Cancer

18th Jun 2007 – 04th Jul 2007. High>>>Ways connects to the land of Manipur through Red Shield Division of the Army H.Q.


Conducting cancer awareness sessions, specially on Breast, cervix & Oral Cancers amongst families of the uniform set up and the local populace including the various tribes nestled in the vast valleys and the folds of the blue smoky mountains of MANIPUR - the Jewel land of India. Manipur is one of the northeastern State of India, a land where the GODS themselves took to dancing, through the famous Ras-leela.

Cancer Awareness Sessions held at-

1. Leimakhong   10. Vazing
2. Ningthoukhong   11. Churachandpur
3. Bishenpur   12. Somsai
4. Wangu Sagong Mkt   13. Shangshak
5. Kumbi   14. Chassad
6. Moirang INA Museum Hall   1 5. Ukhrul
7. Gothal   16. Mantripukhri
8. Kwakta   17. Keithenmanbi
9. Khangthai   Total : 17 Camps

For civil populace - 9
Meities, Kukis, Hilltribes Nagas, Meities Pangal, Thar Thanghul Nagas etc.


HQ 57 Mtn Div - 3
Families and troops.


HQ IGAR (South) - 5
Families and troops.

Attendance - 4600 Plus

Females - 77% Males - 23 %

Cancer Affected Cases/ Survivors met - 5

Cervix Cancer (Two) Acute Myeliod Luekemia (One) Breast Cancer (One)

Out of the 2 breast cancer survivors, one I met at Moirang had bone metastases and could not walk, so went to meet her & her family at their house. Spend some time with her and separately with her family. Later, her case was informed to Dr. R. A. Badwe (Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai) from where she had taken part of her treatment.

The Acute myeloid Leukemia needed medicines costing more than Rs.7000/per box. Looking for some one to help her get the medicines.

Eleven cases of lumps in breast/ armpits approached after the presentation & were advised to get a thorough check up done at their respective hospitals, including RIIMS Manipur.

Six cases of Chronic infection and discharge were directed for PAPS Test and further needful to the Hospital

Language Barrier was overcome by translators from respective areas who volunteered to be an interpreter.

Information on Breast & Cervix cancer was also translated in Manipur language, copies of which were handed over to core people to distribute further.
Printouts in roman Manipuri-Reading out these helped me in creating an instant bond, as the audience encouraged and welcomed my broken Manipuri & acknowledged by nodding, smiling and clapping.

Arrangements of all the sessions, various administrative and logistic supports right from many smaller details to PA equipments, vehicles & QRT/ protection, LCD projector & video cameras, informing the mass and collecting them, printouts and translations, my stay and travel were provided by HQ 57 Mtn Div & the respective units and supported later by IGAR [Inspector General Assam Rifles] South and their Units.

Radio Programme, Media-coverage and press-conferences arranged by Gen E.J. Kochhekkan, SM, VSM, Mr. Bakshi, PRO Defense and Mr. Choubee

ADVENTURE ELEMENT- For a change not driving myself but enjoying being driven, sometimes sitting in the co-drivers seat of a bullet proof vehicle, or a ride in the Hulk of a Casper-a huge bullet proof vehicle escorted by QRT-quick reaction team. A great experience well, would love to drive the Casper some day…

Sponsored By
Maj Gen E.J. Kochhekkan, SM, VSM
GOC, 57 Mtn Div, Offrs and all ranks
of HQ 57 Mtn Div
Supported by
Maj Gen BK Chengapa
Inspector General, Offrs and all ranks
of HQ IGAR (South)

Sincere Thanks to:

Maj. Gen E.J. Kochhekkan, SM, VSM for all the initiatives and encouragements and taking care of the entire arrangements.

Maj. Gen BK Chengapa and Mrs.Priya Chengapa for all the support, encouragements and adjustments made to ensure that maximum people attend inspite of the monsoons.

Officers, JCOs, and other ranks, connected to highways directly and indirectly. Havaldar Johnson the LCD projector man. Havaldar Roshan the camera man. All the drivers and the protection team. Friends of High>>>ways back home…

Arunachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh- Punjab

Driving Expedition –

PEER SUPPORT GROUP—personel interaction
Help line for all, via Telephone , mobiles and emails.

Speaker at -
Benefit Finding After Breast Cancer at International Conference on Survivorship and Supportive Care in Cancer
10 - 12 August 2007, Kuala Lumpur.


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