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 Project High>>>Ways  entered in Limca Book of  Records - 2007 (India) as  first Mother Daughter Duo to  link adventure drive with  Cancer Awareness
 Programme across the  country.
About us    

Highways beyond cancer was founded by a breast cancer survivor Dr.Ritu Biyani-Joseph in 2005 .

High>>>Ways, a word of intense dynamism
High>>>Ways connect u to people and land of different regions. It allows you to make long lasting friends, allows you to choose and change your paths. The best part of it is that it never ends,.. there is always a connection to another way….. you survive


diseases like the big C, you continue the journey of the existing life to its completion. and. then beyond .If you don’t survive the big C, you just get a ticket to go directly beyond on an unknown highway.

The ADVENTURE is to inculcate an ATTITUDE to

EXPLORE… ones own inner strengths and spirits.
To UNLOCK and EXPAND …one’s own horizons.
STEER... through all odds and trying times… on the highways called life.
OVERCOME... the fear of unknown in one’s roller coaster quest
EXPERIENCE...those exhilarating moments of going beyond
To CELEBRATE…the whole existence

The MISSION is to create advocacy and awareness by

Reaching out to the urban,rural, and far flung areas .
Awareness campaigns mainly on breast, cervical and oral cancers
Dispelling myths and stigmas related to cancer
Importance of early detection
Importance of Self breast examination by demonstrating the ways to do.
Meeting Those touched by this illness and instilling hope, support,and motivation

Peer support group

Instilling adventure spirits to take up challenges through our adventure events providing a unique and inspiring peer support opportunity specially for under-served groups of breast cancer survivors.thereby creating a broader social impact.

Getting connected within and beyond borders, face to face,through telephonic-helplines, postal mails and e-mails.

Motivational talks , through a 25/40min. documentary and sharing personel experiences to various support groups, doctors , corporates, hospitals, clubs,org.,schools and groups.

Dr.Ritu Biyani - Joseph-- B.D.S. Director

Ritu Biyani Joseph, a mother of one child, was diagnosed of Breast cancer in the year 2000 at the age of 40. For the next 8 months she confronted the disease with the help of her treating doctors and support of her family members, undergoing 2 Surgeries and 6 cycles of Chemotherapy followed by tamoxifien for 5 years.

The physical and emotional effects left by her ‘adventure with breast cancer’ did not deter her from continuing with her daily life as a working mother, a committed healer and an avid adventurer !! Her Clinic, Tennis, Trekking, Badminton, driving across the various states of India and looking after a growing adolescent never stopped!! Simultaneously she started meeting other patients, boosting their spirits and cheering them up..

Professionally a Dental Surgeon, she served as a Captain in the Indian Army for 10 years [1981 to 1992].Presently, she has her own dental practice at Pune –Maharashtra (India).
She extends her expertise to conduct dental health education, and cancer awareness programmes to the various strata of society. She utilizes her zeal for trekking and driving to reach out to the hard- to-reach with her outreach programmes.

She has worked with the tsunami affected people in the coastal areas of Tamilnadu- India, in 2004

Ritu is an adventurer by heart who loves challenges. Having already experienced the pumping of adrenaline as a mountaineer, skydiver and a paratrooper.
She has endorsed her name as the first lady Paratrooper in the history of the Army Dental Corps in Jan 1984

Ritu‘s extensive travels through the length and breath of the country both during her Army career and her adventure pursuits have given her tremendous insight into the life and needs of rural India and the country’s cultural, communal and traditional biodiversities. She has driven more than 60,000kms post cancer.

Her passion for driving, sprouted into PROJECT High>>>Ways, an unique blend of adventure sports with cancer awareness mission across the country; the very first of its kind in India ,thus creating history as the first mother daughter duo expedition with the mission.

She is an avid photographer, bird watcher, with keen interest in the environment.

Her pioneering efforts has taken her to various forums where she has addressed

3rd International Asia Pacific Reach to Recovery breast cancer support conference- JAGRUTI at Mumbai Nov 2006.
TATA Memorial Hospital (Mumbai)
Astra Zeneca Breast Cancer Summit at their launch of Faslodex at Mumbai.Feb 2007
‘Windows to World’ at Astra Zeneca Banglore March 2007

Rotary clubs, Red Cross society, local organizations, support groups, corporates, schools, colleges, youth organizations and various groups.

She is also addressing at the

International Conference on Survivorship and Supportive Care in Cancer Kuala Lumpur 10-12 August 2007.

Dr Ritu Biyani has made it her life’s mission to spread awareness about cancer, particularly breast cancer, among women in not just the urban centres in India but in the remote and tough-to-communicate stretches of the country, that have already made her into a Limca Book of Records holder for driving solo, in the first mother-daughter duo to drive over 30,220 kms touching the four tips of India at Kutch, Kannyakumari, Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. The measure of people’s appreciation of Ritu’s work is evident from the fact that she has held camps at some of the most sensitive locations in the country where law and order problems , and social unrest have deterred many from even venturing into these territories, leave alone engage in public speaking . Her greatest satisfaction is the unhindered co-operation she received from every single individual in all her travels, be it a tribal, civilian, defence personnels, govt servants etc, each of whom she was a messenger of good hope.

She engages audiences on various facets of the ailment and endeavours to bring about an understanding of the realities about the disease, and the after effects of such diagnosis and ways to deal with the emotional and physical trauma, citing her personal example of one who stood up to the challenge of this dreaded condition.

Ms. Tista Joseph

15 yr old, daughter of Dr. Ritu Biyani, she has seen her mother through her illness and bonds well with the families of patients. Presently doing her 10th at St. Mary’s school (Pune), Tista a budding photographer and writer, has traveled extensively with her mother. She has an excellent adaptability to rural, tribal and urban life. Has a keen interest in social, environmental and wildlife activities.

Her articles have featured in Sanctuary Cub Magazine.and local media.

Was a speaker at the 3rd International Asia Pacific Reach to Recovery breast cancer support conference- JAGRUTI at Mumbai nov 2006

She assists her mother with the cancer awareness campaigns as and when she can peep out of her study schedule. She is a hockey player and a swimmer.


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