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I undertook Project High>>>Ways 2006 as a…
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 Project High>>>Ways  entered in Limca Book of  Records - 2007 (India) as  first Mother Daughter Duo to  link adventure drive with  Cancer Awareness
 Programme across the  country.

Highways beyond cancer is founded by Dr Ritu Biyani Joseph ,a breast cancer survivor in 2006 by launching project High>>> amazing and unique drive to link adventure sports with cancer awareness mission across the country .The very first of its kind undertaken in India thus creating history.

Speaking from the drivers seat she says..

The ADVENTURE is to inculcate an ATTITUDE to

EXPLORE… ones own inner strengths and spirits
To UNLOCK and EXPAND …one’s own horizons
STEER through all odds and trying times… on the highways called life
OVERCOME the fear of unknown in one’s roller coaster quest
EXPERIENCE those exhilarating moments of going beyond
To CELEBRATE …the whole existence

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